Hersheypark unveils its newest roller coaster — and it’s a big one

Hersheypark unveiled its latest roller coaster on Wednesday — and it’s a biggie.

Candymonium, the amusement park’s 15th roller coaster, will feature a lift height of 210 feet, a maximum speed of 76 mph and a track length of 4,636 feet — making it the tallest, fastest and longest ride in the park.

It will open next summer, as part of Hershey’s all-new Chocolatetown region, a $150 million expansion.

The addition of a 15th roller coaster gives Hersheypark the most coasters of any park in the northeast, the park’s announcement says.

For full article click here – https://fox43.com/2019/07/24/hersheypark-unveils-its-newest-roller-coaster-and-its-a-big-one/

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