‘Swampy Jack’s Wongo Adventure’ amusement park to open this summer in Panama City Beach

Until a spotlight — a UV blacklight — came alive, illuminating the painted swamp cyprus on the wall and the giant footprints on the floor. Then, the wail of an electric guitar and suddenly, the room erupts with lights, sounds and eventually, spinning chairs and fog machines.

It’s the Swamp Ape, one of the attractions that will be waiting for guests this summer with the opening of Swampy Jack’s Wongo Adventure, a hybrid amusement park and family entertainment center that will open on the site of the old Miracle Strip Amusement Park in Panama City Beach.

For full article click here – https://www.newsherald.com/news/20190329/swampy-jacks-wongo-adventure-amusement-park-to-open-this-summer-in-panama-city-beach

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