These are the 10 most popular amusement parks in Europe – a view

The history of amusement parks in Europe, dates back to the 16. A century back. At that time, the Dyrehavsbakken in Copenhagen opened as the first theme Park of its goals. The “Bakken,” as the Danes call the Park, was created after the discovery of a natural source. Today there is the Park, which was opened as a nature Park, still. It is the home of the oldest wooden roller coaster.

Almost 450 years later, there are, according to the travel Agency travel circus in Europe, a total of 1012 leisure parks with tracks. Potential visitors will be spoilt for choice. But which theme Park is suitable for whom is the best? Travel circus has created a list of the best amusement parks on the continent. The ten best has compiled the VIEWS in a gallery 

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