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We all love roller coasters as they are one of the reasons we visit amusement parks every year. Your home park may have a few different roller coaster types, but you might not know that there are many different ones at parks all over the world which you might not have ever heard about. I’m

Roller coaster elements are the individual parts and design of the rides themselves and are discussed quite frequently by enthusiasts and the general public alike. As roller coasters become more inventive and elaborate, elements are becoming more novel and thrilling to us all. In fact,

many people refer to these as thrill elements. A Brief … Read more

We all love riding roller coasters – the thrills, the scares, the steep drops – but have you ever ridden a coaster and felt uncomfortable or wish you had better gear? Let’s take a look at what makes the best roller coaster clothing and accessories. Dressing appropriately No matter what you are

thinking about when … Read more

WHO IS COASTER CRAVER? Hi I’m Joe and I’ve been a roller coaster enthusiast for over 40 years.  I love visiting new amusement/theme parks to ride the rides – especially roller coasters.  And if I were counting, I’d tell you that I’ve been to over 40 parks around the world and over 250 unique roller … Read more

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