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Roller Coaster Clothing-What Should I Wear?

We all love riding roller coasters – the thrills, the scares, the steep drops – but have you ever ridden a coaster and felt uncomfortable or wish you had better gear? Let’s take a look at what makes the

best roller coaster clothing and accessories.

Dressing appropriately

No matter what you are thinking about when deciding on what to wear to your favorite amusement park there are some things that you will always need to take into account:

  • Where is the park located?
  • What will the weather be like?
  • Are you dressing appropriately?

The location of the park will surely dictate how you will be dressing as a park in the southern part of the USA will require different types of clothing than one in a northern part. Short pants and short sleeved shorts are necessary for a park in a warm climate, while you may need to layer your clothing in a park with cooler temperatures throughout the day. If you’re unfamiliar with the location of the park that you’re visiting, do some research. is a great way to find out current temperatures for any location in the world and also for forecasting what the weather will be like on your visit.

Which touches upon our next question – what will the weather be like? You should be fine if it will be a sunny day with little change in temperature, but what happens if they are predicting rain for parts of the day or a change in temperature from a chilly morning to a hot afternoon? Make sure you are wearing clothes that will accommodate these changes:

  • Pants with legs that zip off to become shorts can help you handle those changing temps. 
    Our favorite is this pair.
  • Wear clothing and shoes with synthetic fabrics that don’t absorb water if there is a chance for rain.
  • Take a windbreaker that folds into pouch and can be put in your pocket. This will provide a little warmth and rain protection as needed.

Lastly, are you dressing appropriately for your park visit? There are always some things to consider when selecting your attire for a theme park visit:

  • Footwear – You might be thinking how comfortable it will be to wear your flip-flops on your visit, but think about some rides where footwear like this wouldn’t be practical like an inverted roller coaster. Sure, you can leave your shoes in the station but that means you’ll have to walk for a bit without shoes and that might not be the best thing to do.
  • Modesty – I totally get how someone would want to wear very little to a park when the temperature might reach 90 degrees F, but keep in mind that you’re going to be at a park with many young children and people with different beliefs on modesty so rethink some of your outfits. I’m not suggesting that you cover yourself more than you think you should, but maybe those ultra-short shorts may just be a little too revealing or that skimpy tube top might not be staying in place. Just be mindful of these things.
  • Health – It might be a very sunny day and you’ll need to protect your eyes, head, skin, etc. While you might not want to bring your most expensive pair of sunglasses, you should bring something to shield your eyes from the sun. Baseball caps work just as well for those long queues for the rides. Also, wearing clothing to cover sensitive skin is one of the best ways to protect from burns and skin diseases.

Keeping things safe & secure

Now that you’ve figured out what you’ll be wearing you’ll probably want to think about how to keep everything safe and secure. You might want to bring a tote bag or backpack to carry your personal items (or your family’s), but remember that you may not be able to take them on every ride forcing

you to either get a locker, leave in station or not even ride at all. Also think about some

rides that

will prohibit all loose articles and what you will do to protect those you have.

They may be a source of ridicule, but fanny packs could be a very practical item to take with you. They will stay strapped to your body and can carry essentials like wallets, phones, keys, and other items


that may be deemed loose articles. They might not be the best for all rides though as they can interfere with the restraints on some of them or may even be prohibited on some, so use caution if you decide to use one.

An alternative to fanny packs are running belts which are elastic belts that have a seat belt like closure and at least one zippered compartment that stretches out to hold your items. These can be great at a park as they are smaller than fanny packs, can be worn under clothing and are pretty secure. The downside is that they can only hold a limited amount of items.  A good choice for a running belt is the MoKo Sports Running Belt and it can be found right here.

Finally, one thing that would be considered a staple with roller coaster clothing are pants with zippered pockets, particularly cargo pants. These pants will allow you to secure items such as wallets, phones, and eyeglasses, when going on even the most jarring rides. And you most likely won’t get turned away if he ride has a no loose item policy. Our favorite is the Columbia Silver

Ridge Convertible Pant which you can find here.

Oops…I forgot that!


There are some things that are necessities for any theme park visit and you should always make sure that you’ve taken them with you on every trip. As discussed before some of your theme park visits are going to be in very warm temperatures and you should make sure to take care of yourself so that you won’t succumb to the heat. Here are some essentials:

  • Sunscreen – This is not only necessary if you have skin that burns easily, but we all know that skin diseases are linked to exposure to the sun. Be preventative and take a small bottle of sunscreen to apply and reapply throughout the day.
  • Water Bottle – You could buy bottled water at the parks, but it is very, very expensive. Save your money and bring your own
    water bottle that can be refilled at the fountains or even in the restaurants as most will provide free water. Oh, and try to stay away from soft drinks – they’ll end up making you thirstier.
  • Hand Sanitizer – Almost every surface at the park has been touched by many, many people including ride restraints so be sure to bring a small container of hand sanitizer to use throughout the day. If you cannot obtain one, plan on washing your hands frequently.
  • Tissues – you don’t know how much you’ll need them during every visit as you’ll be wiping or drying something consistently.

For the serious enthusiast

If you’re a serious enthusiast there are some roller coaster clothing items and accessories that are must haves:

  • Foldable Baseball Hat – protect your head and eyes from the sun in the most convenient way – a cap that folds up and fits in your pocket.
  • Rain Poncho and/or Umbrella – a must for those days in which it might rain as you’ll want to stay protected. An umbrella is very helpful but may be awkward to carry all day, so a disposable rain poncho might be the way to go. They will fit in your pocket when not in use and can be tossed when finished.
  • Lanyard for your ID, Season Pass, etc. – now that more people are getting passes and memberships it is helpful to have a way to keep them handy. A neck lanyard is one way to do this and keeps your items close at hand as well as easy to scan.

Summing it all up

Theme park trips can be so much fun, but also very long and tiring days. A little planning to help you make the day better will always make it a better experience, so think about the items you will be wearing and taking with you. If you follow my tips I’m sure you’ll have the most amazing time.

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